Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nov 24 - 28

After 4 weeks in Tanzania (volunteering at an orphanage with my 13 year old son), I had just about 1,300 emails in my inbox! I thank you all in advance for your patience as I make my way through them all.
  • First thing I tackled was to clean up the English Classifieds - taking off all the ads for work at home/ad entry/parrots/maltese dogs etc. Please note I do my best to take these off as fast as I can. And I ALWAYS ban the IP address of the user who posted the bogus ads.
  • posted new blog called Basel or Bust under Swiss Blogs
  • posted new Irish Pub in ZH called Shamrock Irish Pub under Pubs. Make sure to also check out all their regular Happy Hour features listed on the ZH Events page.
  • updated all Events pages (which means going through ALL the emails!).
  • Updated address for PCDesigns under Technology & Doing Buisness in CH/Computer Services.
  • Updated all Go Beyond events listings on GE & ZH Events pages
  • Posted new Employment Ad - Office Manager ZH
  • Posted new Employment Ad - Sales Manager ZH
  • Created and sent out November Xpat Newsletter
  • Updated Survival Books "Living & Working in Switzerland" contact details & image