Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Emails and Updates - Wednesday

Ok - just back from 3 week holidays and about 800 emails. Had to delete plenty of Classifieds and ban at least 20 IP addresses! Even had to take off the Add an Entry form - getting a spam email every 5 minutes for the last 24 hours was just too much. Another one will be made soon.

Am slowly making my way through all the emails - but here's a list of what I changed/posted today:
  • updated Basel Events
  • updated Centrepoint Basel July & Aug 2008 schedule of events
  • updated Transpack GmbH contact details on Moving Companies page
  • updated Go Beyond Events on Zurich Events page
  • posted A Slice of Saturday by Upstart Entertainment under Basel Events
  • posted Museum of Fine Arts Berne 2008/2009 schedule of English Events
  • posted MC Communication & Editorial Services under Business in CH/Marketing

Not to mention replying to at least another 30 emails and other small changes throughout the site.